What is Integrative Energy Healing?

Integrative Energy Healing (IEH) is a process of working with the human energy field, chakra system, natural biorhythms and more than 2000 years of yogi science and knowledge. It is a gentle, non-invasive, safe approach to healing. This work is blended with Western healing approaches to help support the body coming back into wholeness by stimulating one's own innate wisdom and naturally endowed healing response. The link between the mind and the body is powerful. This work takes clients to a deep state of relaxation and guides them so the body and emotions can re-balance, trusting the body’s healing process, physically and emotionally. Through energy work we are able to support the client’s body in this healing journey and help ‘decode’ the messages it offers to help them understand emotions, trauma, and stress that may still be contained within from experiences and circumstances that may  yet continue to impact their present being.


  • Increased Energy.
  • Elimination of Energy Blockages.
  • Grounding & Recharging
  • Empowerment in One's Own Healing.
  • Relief from chronic issues.
  • Trauma Healing.
  • Improved Sleep Patterns.
  • Menopausal Relief.