What to expect in your first session

Like conventional medicine, Integrative Energy Healing deals with the unique attributes of one's physical and mental state. Treatments vary and the techniques I choose depend largely on your symptoms and the goals you and I have set for the session, whether it be pain relief, stress release or otherwise. 

As a new client, your first session will begin with a short 'Intake Assessment' to establish health history and any current conditions or challenges you face in your life. As previously mentioned, the healing process will be unique to the current issues you are experiencing, whether in mind or in body.

Honesty, open mindedness, and trust yield the best results.

Together, we will set a goal for the session. Based on this, I select from a range of treatments that best address your needs.

Goals are important, as they dictate the techniques I will implement from my ever-expanding toolbox. 

We may begin with Somatic Experiencing to soothe the nervous system ('somatic' comes from 'soma', the Greek word for 'body'). Our nervous system is the interface between matter and consciousness, our electric system, and often the place in our body where trauma is stored.

Eventually, we may begin to work with your biofield/human energy field. This is where you will lie on the table, fully clothed, relax and release as we begin to clear your biofield and ground you. 

Energy—positive or negative—can be moved when in the right state of mind.

Then, using awareness dialogue, I will prompt you to 'converse' with your body. This is body-centred inquiry that allows you to release negative energy and trauma, gently and effectively.  

The sessions usually end with a further clearing of your energy field and grounding. I use my hands to balance, clear and strengthen the energy moving through and around your body.


Throughout the session, I encourage you to be an active participant in your own process. They say "mind over matter" and this is especially true when travelling the healing path. 

I also do some teaching and give homework, as the intent is to empower you to tap into your own healing potential. Often, I will teach a grounding technique: we are electrical beings and need a grounding wire. Grounding supports the mind-body connection, brings you into the present and enables you to create healthy boundaries for yourself. Boundaries are an important part of well-being: when you can experience your own energy body vs someone else's, you have choice and your mind connects to your body. 


  • Increased Energy.
  • Elimination of Energy Blockages.
  • Grounding & Recharging
  • Empowerment in One's Own Healing.
  • Relief from chronic issues.
  • Trauma Healing.
  • Improved Sleep Patterns.
  • Menopausal Relief.