GENEVieVE Wright

integrative healing practitioner...

...seeker, professional, mother, pilgrim.

The human journey has always fascinated me. As have the Big Questions.
— G.W


Before Starting Lotus Hands:

Here’s a snippet from my story and how I came to Integrative Energy Healing (IEH): After some significant health challenges, I discovered the beauty, simplicity and effectiveness of energy medicine for myself. When I was suffering the after-effects of major surgery and getting no joy from conventional approaches, I tried some energy medicine. I healed longstanding and painful issues that way. Not only did the medicine work, it brought me into my body and into the present, it helped me to relax, to see how hard I’d been pushing myself my whole life. It showed me how stress, limiting thoughts, negative self-talk and impossibly high standards had created a storm of dis-ease in my body. I became re-acquainted with my suppressed natural ability to heal.

This very poignant, direct experience piqued my curiosity: I then wanted to learn more about how people heal and how they can be empowered to heal. And it kindled my desire to play a role in that healing.

In 2007, after taking some Healing Pathway courses and becoming a Reiki Master, I discovered the Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara College in Vancouver. After three years of focused intention, hard work and much self-discovery, 700 hours of coursework and 400 hours of both supervised and unsupervised clinical work, I completed the program.

My graduation vow in June 2009 was to offer this work in service to the world.


That is my vow today.

Initially, Integrative Energy Healing felt like a right turn away from interpretation work. Over time, though, I have come to see how it is another form of listening. Just as translation and interpretation require deep listening to render meaning that is, at times, unclear, so my somatic therapy practice allows people to listen deeply to the wonder and mystery of their bodies, which hold the key to healing and awakening.

This work has shown me the body’s willingness to heal. It has cracked the door open on the infinity of the human spirit. Our willingness to heal and to be whole is astounding. It is a force unlike any other.
I am humbled by this work and the honour of bringing it into the world.
It is my bliss.

                                            — G.W.


Advanced, specialized somatic therapy training (ongoing)

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Somatic-Based Trauma Healing, Paulette Tomasson (2015)

Certified WHEE Practitioner (2011)

Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner (2009)

Reiki Master (2006)

Healing Pathway Levels I & II (2004-2005)

French/English Translator/Simultaneous Interpreter (1975-present)