Peer Reviews


“I highly recommend Genevieve as a skilled practitioner in Somatic Experiencing and energy healing. She creates a safe and loving space and is competent at actually releasing trauma, with gentleness and kindness.”
— Sacred Health | Kira Christoffersson, B.Sc., Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and Eden Energy Medicine. | 403.688.9204 | Email:

“I met Genevieve about 6 months ago when I booked a session to see how she may be able to help some of my clients and found out that I also needed her help. My sessions with Genevieve are hard to explain or possibly understand as my body moves and twists like a powerful dance of unwinding trauma and injuries. I always feel safe in the sessions and completely open my mind to the magic she provides. She has helped me to feel a lot more grounded with increased energy and even decreased pain in my body. I trust Genevieve and respect her way of healing so much that I send my clients to her on a regular basis. She is magical through and through.”

— Heather Fellows, Owner and Practicing Massage Therapist, Trainer, and Neurokinetic Therapist at Koru Massage + Movement in Canmore and Calgary

Genevieve embraces the healing journey with all whom she is gathered with. She brings great peace and compassion with the ability to tune into her clients’ needs and intentions during an energy healing treatment. With her graceful approach and undying belief in the process, I recommend Genevieve to be a part of your healing or relaxation journey.

— Christina Haverkort, Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner Energy at:

In April 2010 I began a challenging journey of some serious dental work, which in the end, required more than I ever could imagine. I am the classic coward in a dental chair and I knew I needed some help. I had already been a client with Integrated Healing Energy work with Genevieve…. it was time to bring deeper self-exploration to this really challenging time.

We explored my fears, where they came from and where they presented themselves in my body. Together, we honourably worked on letting them go one step at a time. We explored being present with pain and techniques to work with old stories and experiences of responding to pain, in the moment. There was one dental session that was particularly hard and painful. Then something happened at the hardest time that I found myself in a space where the dentist, the assistant and myself were all in this together…it wasn’t just about me working on this. It felt like the Divine energy came together on behalf of something bigger…it had been hard work for us all. In my heart, I am clear that my work with Genevieve had a profound affect that day providing the room for us all to bring grace and ease to our work.

Integrated Energy Healing work is a self-healing process bringing balance in our body, mind, spiritual and energetic being…. other practices are so well woven into this work, which I so appreciate. My journey continues with this work for me.

— Barb Hertell, Senior Consultant and Facilitator.

February 14, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This letter is intended as a testimonial to the benefits and effectiveness of Integrative Healing from an experienced Registered Nurse.

For twenty years, I worked at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, as a critical care nurse and most recently in the Post-Anaesthetic Recovery Unit (12 years). Over my career, I have frequently been assigned to be the nurse-in-charge.About eight years ago, driven by the pain of chronic migraines that were brought on by the day-to-day stress of full-time work, I discovered energy healing work. When conventional medicine was unable to help me, I turned to complementary healing therapies and was astonished to find that my migraines were significantly reduced and that my outlook on life had transformed.The healing that I experienced led me to extensive studies at Langara College: I am a graduate of the Holistic Health Practitioner program (2002) and the Integrative Energy Healing (IEH) program (2005). I have also participated in a world service project offering Integrative Energy Healing to Tibetan nuns and monks in Dharamsala India and worked with clients of Domestic Violence in Vancouver. Since graduating, I have participated as a practitioner in a study researching Integrative Energy Healing.As a Registered Nurse in Vancouver, BC, I believe that the current health care system could only benefit from welcoming complementary therapies to a greater degree than it does. In my own professional experience, I have observed that people who receive energy healing treatments pre- and/or post-surgery recover from surgery more quickly. It is also my observation that patients feel heard and empowered. They are better able to manage their anxiety around health-related issues. On all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental), Integrative Energy Healing treatments offer patients guidance so that they can better manage their hospital stay. They maintain their own power, which is a key element in recovery, and it is my observation that they improve at a faster rate than patients who do not receive IEH. I believe that, in large part, this difference is attributable to the fact that the mindfulness-based dialogue and safe, loving space that is held by the IEH practitioner allow patients to feel heard and to know that there is someone standing by them. This knowledge creates confidence, which, in turn, allows space to open. In this environment, healing occurs at an accelerated pace.

As a member of the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association (in charge of membership and, formerly, the Association’s BC representative), I can unequivocally recommend IEH in any facility where healing and health promotion are the focus, be that hospitals, clinics, addiction treatment centres or emergency shelters.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information if necessary.
— Catherine Ralphs, Registered Nurse and Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner │ Phone: (778)988-4304 │ Email: