Feedback from our clients

I was physically and mentally unwell when I first visited Genevieve’s healing room - a calm, tranquil place that immediately made me feel lighter. Genevieve listened generously with a curiosity that made me feel understood. Her cranial sacral and energy work complimented the traditional medicine that was part of my healing journey. After sessions with Genevieve I felt calmer, more focused and slept better often with less pain.
— Chris B.

I have benefited greatly from Genevieve’s energy healing treatments. I first started with Genevieve when I was undergoing chemotherapy. Genevieve would come to my home and also meet me at the Cancer Centre following a chemotherapy treatment. During the sessions I would focus my energy on moving the cancer cells out of my body and I will always recall the session when I heard a voice in my head say “all clear, we are all clear here”. Hard to explain how this type of therapy works, but I found that it was profound for me. I would get into such a beautiful space where I felt that I was able to cleanse my body and help to focus the chemotherapy drugs to where it was needed most. Only with Genevieve’s assistance through her healing energy techniques was I able to accomplish this. I’ve attempted meditation but never experienced the true relaxation and deep focus that I am able to accomplish with Genevieve. Now that I’m in remission, I continue treatments with Genevieve and continue to be surprised by the effects of the experience on my body.

— Jane, Calgary, AB

When ‘all the kings horses and all the kings men’ can’t put us back together again, Genevieve is there with her gift of intuitive listening and gentle hands.
— J.T, Alberta

Before learning of integrative energy therapy, I was really struggling with my menopausal symptoms, i.e. disrupted sleep patterns, mood swings and hot flashes. Since beginning with the therapy four years ago, the mood swings and hot flashes are a thing of the past, and my sleep pattern is improved to the point where we are now concentrating on maintaining the balance.

The tension in my body has decreased and if it does arise, the Integrative Energy Healing treatments have helped me to bring awareness to it and to lessen it on my own.

Also, a year ago, I had a severe Charlie horse that resulted in a sprain in my left foot. With Genevieve’s help, we were able to heal the foot in an amazingly short time. And I say “we” because Genevieve is very confident that we are doing the energy healing together, rather than her doing it for me.

As soon as I walk into the Lotus Hands treatment room, I can feel the change in myself. Genevieve has the room set in such a way that calm is immediate.

I would highly recommend this form of therapy for any symptom, physical or emotional, no matter how large or small. Thanks to Genevieve and her Integrative Energy Healing, I carry the feeling of well-being with me always!
— J.C, Canmore, Alberta

Genevieve’s work has heightened my awareness of how much our unconscious runs the show we call life. She has helped me appreciate the power of self-compassion in settling conflict within myself and/or others. Perhaps most importantly, Genevieve models the wisdom and gentleness she guides us to within ourselves.

— Sharon Wood, Canmore, AB

With an open heart and a gentle touch, Genevieve creates a space for “groundedness” … and from that space of deep centering comes a shift into what would provide freedom and grace going forward. With Genevieve’s guidance, I develop powerful visceral metaphors that help guide me and bring me back to essence.

Marni Virtue, Canmore, AB.
— Marni Virtue, Canmore, AB.