The Human Energy Field. 

The Human Energy Field (HEF) is a bio-electromagnetic field—or, a 'biofield'—that permeates the human body and holds inclusive information about every aspect of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. 

The ancient system we are now describing in modern biophysical terms is involved in the communications that enable the body to defend and heal itself.
— James Oschman, 1993

Discovery and early science of biofields.

It started back in 1903 around the same time that Dr. Hans Berger was theorizing about human brainwave frequencies. Meanwhile, Dr. Willem Einthoven, a scientist and Dutch physiologist, was busy creating a machine to measure electrical frequencies around the heart. At that time, the scientific community already believed that the heartbeat created an electrical pulse but no one had been able to verify it with measurements. Dr. Einthoven created the Electrocardiogram, also known as the ‘ECG’ or ‘EKG’. The work by Dr. Berger on the electrical frequencies of the brain and by Dr. Einthoven proved that  both the brain and the heart had an electrical field that could be measured.

Since that time, the ECG has been used extensively in research to show that the brainwave frequencies of people receiving energy work are shifted into lower states during Energy Healing sessions.

Furthermore, there is a fundamental law in physics, Ampère’s Law, which says that when currents flow through conductors such as wires or living tissues, magnetic fields must be produced in the surrounding space.

The research of Einthoven, Berger, and others established that organs such as the heart and brain produce bioelectric fields that travel through the tissues of the body and that can be recorded with electrodes on the body surface. The electrocardiogram, for example, can be picked up with electrodes placed anywhere on the body, even on the feet. Since living tissues are conductors of electricity, the well-established laws of physics require that the currents set up by the heart and other muscles, and the brain and peripheral nerves, will produce fields in the space around the body. These are called bio-magnetic fields.

Bio-magnetism, and the science of Bio fields today. 

So, how does all this tie into the concept of energy healing? From both a physics and physiology standpoint, it is now known that manipulation of energy fields can influence the body's structure and function. In other words, it is not necessary to actually touch a person to affect their body. Bio-energy fields are a rich source of bio-information, and signals from a healthy human being contain the most biologically relevant information that could be introduced to another person.

In fact, researchers have discovered that as certain energy practitioners do their energy healing, their electrical and magnetic fields are increased significantly enough to be recorded. In 2002, scientist James Oschman wrote an article titled Science and the Human Energy Field in which he discussed research findings of Dr. John Zimmerman from the University of Colorado.

In Oshman's words, "Dr. Zimmerman tested the biomagnetic field of a Therapeutic Touch practitioner (a method of hands on healing) ... He had the practitioner and a patient enter a magnetically shielded chamber. Dr. Zimmerman measured the biomagnetic field of the practitioner's hand both in a state of doing nothing and in a state of directing healing energy into the patient."

He continues, "The measurement of the practitioner's hand while doing the healing work was much, much higher than the measurement of the practitioner's hand in a passive mode. What this research proved was that the energy worker's hand produced a much larger biomagnetic field (aura) when channeling healing energy. The Therapeutic Touch signal pulsed at a variable frequency, ranging from 0.3 to 30 Hz, with most of the activity in the range of 7 to 8 Hz."

Zimmerman's findings are astounding. Proof that practiced energy healing practitioners have a stronger, pulsing frequency of energy than non-practitioners.

There are countless case studies and anecdotal research verifying the effects of energy healing sessions. In almost every case there is a reduction of negative emotions, symptoms, attitudes, and pain. Results are perceived on the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental states.

How can energy fields accelerate the healing process? From what we have learned, one reason a tissue heals slowly is because the channels of communication that normally connect that tissue to the rest of the body are not functioning optimally. We are not referring to nervous or endocrine communications, but about a more evolutionary ancient system that is present in very simple animals that do not even have nerves or hormones. The ancient system we are now describing in modern biophysical terms is involved in the communications that enable the body to defend and heal itself. These are the same communications that lead to wholeness and unity of functioning. Athletes experience the totality of this connection during peak performances. Peak performance, like total health, is a whole-system phenomenon, and requires the integrated participation of all of the organs, tissues, cells, and molecules in the body and also the mind.

For an injury or other disorder to be repaired, tissues that are some distance away from it must participate in the healing process. The practitioner who can open the channels of communication, or inject essential messages that are not getting through, can greatly facilitate the body's own natural repair system. This also explains why healing bodywork also helps athletes improve their performances.

There is a lot of evidence leaning towards energy healing as a valid concept, especially now that the scientific community is investigating evidence of the biofield. More valid than any scientific research, there's the feeling people get when they receive energy healing. Contentment. Relaxation. Release of stress, fear, and anxiety. Reduction and in some cases elimination of physical illnesses and persistent conditions.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Relief from chronic issues.
  • Trauma Healing.
  • Improved Sleep Patterns.
  • Menopausal Relief.
  • Increased Energy.
  • Elimination of Energy Blockages.
  • Grounding & Recharging
  • Empowerment in One's Own Healing.